EXE Street Light 100W

EXE Street Light 100W

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EXE Street Light is a commercial and industry leading LED fixture. With 90 lm/W light output, it is the ideal choice for replacing fluorescent and conventional (incandescence) lamp sources. EXE Street Light brings in new levels of performance, technical innovation and unique design for outdoor and indoor use.Super slim design. Two years warranty. IP65. Anti-lightning and grid surge protection. Fin-style heat dissipation structure. Optical Lens.




1. Unique appearance design, different from traditional and conventional fixtures; fashionable, compact,

beautiful, it can be customized according to the clients requirements.

2. High light effect, SEOUL Semiconductor and CREE LED options; light output can be up to 110 lm/w

3. Anti-glare design, better for eyes protection

4. Modular design, different power and length can be customized

5. Good power supply, PF>0.95



Suitable for campus roads, rural lanes, parking lots,sidewalks


Technical parameters