EXE LED Panel Light

EXE LED Panel Light

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Two sides are lined with LEDs to grant optimal illumination.

High light output at a reduced energy consumption of up to 50%.

Over 36 000 hours life expectancy.

Wide angle of deflection with even light distribution.

No start-up time, no flickering, no humming.

High efficiency (95%) constant current driver with built in overheat

protection that remains stable at a wide range of input voltages.

Independent LED circuit prevents complete blackout in case an LED fails.

Environmentally friendly, mercury and lead free.

Causes no electromagnetic interference.



  • Hotels
  • Conference/Meeting rooms
  • Factories & Offices
  • Commercial Purposes
  • Residential/Institution buildings
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Places where energy saving and high color rendering index lighting are needed