Slim High Bay

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Slim high bay is commercial and industry leading fixture. With 120lm/W light output, it is the ideal choice for replacing fluorescent and MH lamp source, Slim High Bay lighting brings new levels of performance, technical innovation and unique design to outdoor and indoor use.



1. Unique appearance design, different from traditional high-pay light, fashion, compact, beautiful, can be customized;

2. High light effect Seoul Semiconductor, CREE and Phillips allow performance up to 120 lm/w

3. Anti-glare design; better protect eyes;

4. Modular design, different power and length can be customized;

5. Meanwell power supply, PF>0.9;

6. Ceiling installation and suspension installation, quick and convenient; installation can be finished by a single person in 3 minutes;

7. Black and silver color optional.



Suitable for large workshops, warehouses, parking lots, shopping malls, farms, gas stations and other places.