High Power Tri-proof Lamp - 60W

High Power Tri-proof Lamp - 60W

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This product use durable long life span LED as light source, smooth light without glare, simple looking design.Impact-proof, water-proof and dust-proof, IP rating is up to IP65, can be used in different environment. Use aluminum alloy and PC as the material which ensure that it can work stably in different environment.



1.ArcS I series tri-proof lamp with 230° beam angle to replace fluorescent tube;

2.Water-proof,dust-proof,impact-proof design,can be used in harsh environment;

3.Use fire-resistant PC cover, can pass 650°glow wire test;

4.High efficiency, up to 130 lm/W;

5.External power supply, easy to maintain;

6.Anti-glare cover, UGR 17.5 protect eyes better.


Tehnical parameters



The lamp can be used for outdoor hallway, factory, basement, warehouse, parking lot, classrooms, offices


Dimensions (Unit:mm/inch)