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Founded in 2012 by a young, innovative and passionate team, but moreover highly interested in the field of energy efficiency, EXE Green Holding, member of the Romanian National Committee on Illumination, has quickly evolved thus becoming one of the leading companies in the industry of energy efficiency and LED lighting solutions.

EXE Green Holding offers energy efficiency solutions for any type of industry at quite affordable costs. The main industries which use our solutions are construction (residential and office), hospitality (already having some important hotel chains in our portfolio) and retail (the big supermarket chains which are starting to look for energy efficiency and LED lighting solutions like those that we offer).

Furthermore, EXE Green Holding offers each and every one of its clients energy efficiency studies and personalized lighting projects designed with specialized software in order to make sure that the energy efficiency solutions are realized with striking accuracy. Besides, we offer 3-year full warranty for every LED product or LED lighting project.






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Here, at EXE Green Holding, we aim to put our customers’ needs before anything by offering them tailor-made solutions for each and every project, from a simple site survey to a complete light planning study of that particular place.



We take into account the destination and the required lighting. We thereby offer computerized solutions for the best solution, thus meeting the requirements of any client in every situation.



We offer various financial options based on the destination of the project and its value, as we understand that every client demands a unique approach according to its own set of particularities.



Our team does not know the limits of creativity as our designers constantly draw state of the art light fixtures, thus fulfilling even the most pretentious needs of any client.





We take into account the destination and the light that needs to be, therefore we offer computerized solutions for the best solution, and meeting the clients requests.